Bringing Our Pet Diagnostics to Your Home in Hancock County

Flag City Mobile Vet is fully-equipped with advanced diagnostic tools to guide us in evaluating and understanding your pet’s health. With our mobile laboratory, digital X-ray, and ultrasound, we can conveniently bring our cutting-edge services right to your doorstep and provide thorough, one-on-one care for your companion. Diagnostics are an essential part of every pet’s routine wellness care and also play a key role in addressing and resolving underlying issues that can’t be fully diagnosed or treated with just a physical exam.

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Providing Comprehensive Health Screens with Our Mobile Lab

Our diagnostic laboratory enables us to check your pet’s organ function, screen for parasites, and look for developing signs of disease. We can obtain results in minutes for many of our tests, and put together a clearer, more complete picture of your pet’s overall health. In addition to running blood tests, we can also check stool, urine, and skin samples.

Examining the Bones and Joints with Digital X-ray

Some health conditions can be better understood with the help of radiography. Dr. Frederick uses a portable digital X-ray machine to evaluate the bones, joints, and even the heart and lungs. With digital X-ray, we expose your pet to far less radiation than traditional film X-ray, and radiographs are of a much higher quality.

Viewing the Internal Organs in Real Time with Ultrasound

Ultrasound provides us with a clear, moving visual of your pet’s abdominal organs. We can perform abdominal ultrasounds to check for tumors and cysts, or monitor pregnancies. FAST-Scan emergency ultrasounds are also available as needed.

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