Pet Wellness Exams in Hancock County

When your four-legged best friend is healthy, you’re happy--and we are, too. A big part of helping dogs and cats stay on a healthy path is seeing them at least once a year for a full physical exam, bloodwork, and vaccinations. Monitoring your pet’s health regularly allows us to create a detailed health history for them, starting from their very first appointment. We can help you understand any existing medical problems and recommend ways to improve your pet’s daily life.

Call (419) 434-1234 to schedule a pet exam or make an appointment online. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Bringing Our Preventive Care Services to You

We can deliver complete preventive care to dogs, cats, and pocket pets throughout Hancock County with our fully-equipped mobile unit. If necessary, we can also examine your pet in the comfort of your home where they’re most comfortable.

Along with conducting a full physical exam, our team can also:

  • Run important blood and fecal tests to screen your pet for parasites and other signs of illness
  • Offer recommendations and demonstrations to help with your pet’s dental care
  • Administer the necessary vaccines to keep your pet protected from infection
  • Administer deworming treatment if it’s needed
  • Dispense flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives
  • Counsel you on your pet’s nutrition, training, behavioral issues, and more

Keeping Dogs and Cats Well at Any Age

Pet exams are vital for puppies, kittens, and adult and senior dogs and cats. Regardless of their age, they need regular checkups to monitor their health.

Flag City Mobile Vet can provide tailored wellness programs that change with your pet as they age, continuing to address their most essential needs and helping them to stay comfortable and healthy from one year to the next.

Contact our mobile team here in Hancock County at (419) 434-1234 to find out more about our pet exams and other services and make an appointment.