Pet Surgery in Hancock County

At Flag City Mobile Vet, our aim is to make pet care easier and less stressful for pet families, and the same goes for all surgical procedures. Dr. Frederick and her team are able to perform a variety of soft tissue surgeries to better the lives of dogs and cats, including spays and neuters, mass removals, bladder surgery, and more. Our mobile practice utilizes the same high-quality anesthesia, monitoring, and surgical equipment you can expect to find at a full-service, brick and mortar hospital, and we abide by strict safety protocols.

If there is any surgery that we do not feel is safe in the mobile environment, we will refer you to a local stationary veterinary clinic or a specialist.

For more information about pet surgery in Hancock County or to schedule an appointment, call (419) 434-1234.

The Benefits of Mobile Pet Surgery

Why entrust your pet’s surgical care to us? Flag City Mobile Vet has the advantage of:

  • Conveniently bringing its services to you, so you won’t have to transport your pet to a hospital

  • Making your pet’s care less stressful, as they will not be in a busy hospital setting around other animals

  • Letting your pet awaken and recover from the anesthesia in the comfort of their own home with you at their side

Our Protocols for Surgery Safety

Our goal is to make pet surgery as safe as possible. Even the most routine procedure may have its risks, no matter how small, and we take several measures to reduce those risks.

First, we examine your pet and take blood work to make sure their health is sound and their liver and kidneys are functioning normally. This will minimize any complications that might occur with the anesthesia, which we administer based on your pet’s weight, size, and medical history.

Furthermore, your pet is monitored closely at every stage of their surgery, and we use first-class monitoring equipment to evaluate their heart rate, oxygen, blood pressure, and other vitals.

We will stay with your pet until they are awake, after which you can safely monitor them in your home.

Will My Pet Be in Pain After Their Surgery?

We administer the appropriate pain relief medication to ensure that your companion awakens comfortably after their procedure. However, some discomfort can be expected as they heal over the next several days. Therefore, we’ll be glad to provide oral medication for your pet so they can recover with minimal pain, heal well, and return to normal life quickly.

As your pet recovers, be sure to limit their activity and keep them away from baths or bodies of water until their stitches have been removed. Check their incision every day for discoloration, swelling, odor, and seepage. Contact us at (419) 434-1234 if your pet needs a follow-up appointment or if you see anything abnormal.