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Dog Scratching Himself In Grass

Do You Have an Itchy Dog in Hancock County?

Do you have an itchy dog in Hancock County? Watery eyes, itchy faces, licking and chewing at feet, and itchy rears are common with canine allergic dermatitis or atopy. There are lots of different things that cause allergies in pets, but the most common causes are flea allergy, food allergy and environmental allergies. Have you…

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Sleepy Dog Kitten

Advantages of a Mobile Veterinary Clinic

Advantages of a Mobile Veterinary Clinic A mobile veterinary clinic has many benefits for your and your pets! 1. It’s Less Stressful There is no need to load up your pet in the car and drive them to the clinic. Yes, for some dogs this is the best part of their day, but for many…

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