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Do you have an itchy dog in Hancock County?

Watery eyes, itchy faces, licking and chewing at feet, and itchy rears are common with canine allergic dermatitis or atopy. There are lots of different things that cause allergies in pets, but the most common causes are flea allergy, food allergy and environmental allergies. Have you noticed that your allergies are getting worse? The same weeds that cause late summer/fall “hay fever” in people can cause your dog to be miserable as well.

With late summer/fall allergies we will see some dogs that have runny eyes or even a sneeze or two, but in most dogs, their allergies show up as ear infections, skin infections, and itchy skin. As pet owners, we notice our dogs licking at their feet, shaking their heads, and maybe a funky odor coming from their skin and ears. Itchy dogs will rub their face on the couch, rub their back on the end table, and scoot their rear end on the ground. The constant itching and chewing is uncomfortable for your dog and can cause sores to form leading to skin infections and red painful skin. Have you heard that noise when they lick their feet and suck on their toes or that constant jingling of the collar as they itch themselves when you are trying to sleep? It’s not just annoying to you, it’s annoying to your pets as well.

Flag City Mobile Veterinary Clinic is ready to help! There are therapies that can help such as medicated shampoos, flea control, supplements to strengthen the skin and nails, as well as medication of the itch and antibiotics/anti-fungals to treat the infection. If food allergy is suspected a trial with prescription food may be recommended. Although sometimes frustrating as allergies are life-long, there are many good therapies to make your pet much more comfortable. If your pet is itchy or if you are concerned that your pet may have allergies, please contact us. You can schedule an appointment online at flagcityvet.com or give us a call at (419) 434-1234.

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